Friday, April 22, 2011

Kate Upton Got fucked by me

Kate Upton Got fucked by me

Boobs are boobs. Fake or actual how does it matter. Fake boobs are actual for someone else. I love boobs. I play lots of things with boobs. They are very sensitive and it is really difficult to get rid of the bra. Even if you want to enjoy a prostitute, take a pause there. Don’t be desperate with the Bra. Girl’s really get high when you touch there bra. Last time when I entered my thing in Kate Upton, she was violent. She had a reason. Three people fucked her for the 2011 swimsuit cover page. Let me explain the story. Kate Upton is the girl whom you see in Guess advertisements. A white blond with enormously big boobs and an awesome set of ass. She is quite a common face in Swimsuit magazine. Swimsuit has given her a lot but she also has sacrificed a lot to get there. Albeit her beauty, all the photographers rejected her at the first place. She could not get the reason. Basically swimsuit photographers catch the real beauty of a girl. A real beauty means the way God has created her. Believe me that not very easy to capture though your canon 1D. It is very difficult to extract the real beauty from a real beautiful girl. Though they are models, they can go nude anytime but still it needs a real struggle to distinguish a girl’s soul from here body.

Swimsuit camera men have found their own way to do it. They spend time with their models. Every Photographer spends 2-3 days with each of the models before selecting the top 10 models. In these 2-3 days they try to understand the inner beauty of the models. They talk, make friend ship, drink beers and coffee with the girls. I have two friends who work in swimsuit and that’s why got lots of chances to join their parties. I have seen the changes in the models. They open themselves just like a kid. Kate Upton was not like that. She was rigid and different than the others. When first time I met her, she was drunk and bit lost on the way to wash room. I took her to the mens’ and tried to open her bra. She was too protective and I could not get to see the colour of her nipples. That was rare and normally an unselected model did not protest in fuck in this type of party. I saluted her courage and helped her to open her panty. We saw couples are fucking on the basin and that moment I decided one day I will fuck this girl’s ass till the time she is not coming with tears. Eventually I did that couple of times. I will tell you those stories today.

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