Friday, May 20, 2011

I kissed Munmun Sen And Raima Sen got fucked in front of me

 Munmun Sen And Raima Sen got fucked in front of me 
I am an idiot I don't even know wat the fuck is this!!!!!
Ya it's Good that u don't know,otherwise Your life will become a hell!!!!!
Oops I don't know that your life is already a hell !!!!! ha ha ha ha ha. She was kidding. Though I was just thinking touch her pussy with my tongue, she took my right hand and pushed me in one of the room. I could not believe what was actually waiting for me. It was shocking. Even for couple of seconds I forgot why I entered in the room. The elixir type sexy water of Munmun sen's pussy was waiting for me but then also I forgot! Can u believe?
I saw her two daughters whom I saw in the downstairs party were getting fucked by four Indian guys. It was bad sex. You can call it orgy sex, I once enjoyed such thing in Amsterdam. I could not enjoy but the girl did. Anyway it was Europe and this is India!!!! And in front of their "mother" they were having twosome ----was too much for me to expect. All these thinking took my maximum two minutes. One sudden bite on my left ear pulled me into this earth. Obviously it was Munmun ,
“you have a tough challenge" she gave me a nasty smile.
"Don’t worry, I will not leave you till the time you don't cry. Just make sure your nipples give me tasty milk. My expectations are high". I sounded confident. Now she was shocked. She was not expecting anything like that. Her vagina could not resist herself and jumped on my lips. As you can see from the photos (the fatty mother) she is fatty. She will be of minimum of 85 kg. So holding her jump was not a easy stuff, though when the prize is a sexy kiss I can do anything. I had a hot kiss and put my hold tongue into her month. My hands were voraciously roaming around her fat stuffed body. Suddenly I held her hairs and pulled them apart. I was expecting a cry or at least a scream from her. I got a scream but not from her, it was the elder daughter, Raima. She was getting fucked by two north Indian guys till now. She started crying very badly. I have heard this cry lots of times.  Girls cry to stop the fuck or slow down the dick but that's just not the thing you should be doing if you are putting your dick into the vagina. First it was OK but it became serious in couple of seconds. Raima shouted for help
“mom, ask them to stop. It is hitting my asshole. . ...… ohhhh!!! please guys stop it nah!." . I was already in abdomen. She tried to respond on Raima’s cry but grabbed her boobs more strongly.

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