Friday, August 19, 2011

I fucked Miranda Kerr and Adriana Lima was watching

I fucked Miranda Kerr and Adriana Lima was watching : Part 1

Sometimes I really feel horny these days. I thought good had better plan for me and that’s why he is sending me to Venezuela. It was  not correct , my company offered a better project with a very lucrative package in Saudi Arabia which I could not ignore. Fuck me , why I love money that much ??  because money is the only way to get good girls I guess !! Anyway the final line is  I could  not go to a place where  I could have fucked millions  of  girls and  on  the contrary , I shifted to place where hardly I can see any boobs more perfectly "faces".
Its Riyadh , capital of Saudi Arabia , the Most strictly maintained Muslim country. I came in the the time of ramadan. The time when Muslims don't eat, don’t fuck , don't  drink practically one month of un official holiday. I cried for food and water. Even in Dubai it becomes very  difficult to get food or hot prostitutes. Both are equally important for me. In the last half of Ramadan when I was literary broke down for a  good burger and vagina , God or  may be Allah ,   thought to do something helpful for me.  It was really uncanny for me when I saw miranda Kerr in Riyadh kingdom mall. Yes, famous super model Miranda Kerr who hardly has been seen in something other than bikini ,  was wearing a long black and fully covered Burkha. I could not believe my eyes. She is  6'1 , awesomely white and great a boobs owner. I know everybody knows about it but I consider it my responsibility to start my narrating the  incidence with hr private parts. I felt a 330 W shock under my pant.  My penis was trying  its best to come out  from the jail of zip.
She was doing an advertisement for Victoria Burkha which was launched specially for Saudi women. I looked at her couple of times and she stole a glance on only once. I felt , it was working.When her security caught my hands I felt little scared . They just gave m the hotel name , number and vanished in the crowd. I knocked the hotel room at 12:30 PM . She opened the door and another lady was working there. I did not know her but it was very easy to guess her profession by looking at her supermodel figure, extra thin body and brown coloured hair. I was in the seventh sky. I have fucked lots o models in my life but I did no ever dream that one day I will be able to taste Miranda Kerr's delicious vagina.
"Hi , I am Edriana Lima.  looks like you don't know me. I am Miranda's senior"
I was little embarrassed and flashing my shyness , I replied " Sorry , I am not that much into fashion or modeling."
"Why ? you don't like Victoria Special's Bra and panty ? "
" I love to take them off , thats only matter to me." Both the anglesn laughed badly.
i smiled and confidently asked "  why me ??  I don't even look that good or nor having muscular body". My neck craned and eyes rolled over the ladies like a police torch.
"Because I saw your dick in the mall and I need some fucking sex. I have not had t for last two weeks."  Miranda seemed to be friendly.  It was a good answer but not good enough to get fucked by an totally unknown guy  in Saudi Arabia. My eyes were curious and sight was still hunting for the truth. Miranda Kerr is not a simple name , I am sure one or two million ales are ready to commit suicide for her at any time in this world. Why such an engle faced pussy will give hr pussy to me. Miranda broke the silence this time.
" Ok , Ok , Here is the truth. I got a baby recently and as I am not doing breast feeding  my breasts are becoming really big . I have talked to the doctor and suggestion in somebody has to drink the God damm milk from my boobs. I cant request this any of my known friends , so in an unknown country with an unknown guy I am planning to do that. Are you ok with it."
For few seconds  , I could not believe my ears.  It cant be true. Is she so dumb to understand that such a simple lie of the doctor. I am sure the doctor wanted to fuck her and he should do. I decided to play another game with her. This is a golden chance which even Nelson Mandela  will not lose.
" Humm , did he tell you about the procedure ?"   I asked like i am professional in this domain.
"No , why ?  who are you ?" She was worried.
" This is the problem with western doctors , they know everything partially." I was on top of my acting career.
" Why do you mean by that ?" Miranda was shocked and damaged internally.
" what the fuck are you saying ? are you a doctor ? “Adriana was kind off shouting. It clicked my mind. This was the best twist of this drama.
"Yes I am , I am Child specialist. It is not as easy as he said"
Miranda just jumped me and started crying ," Please do something , anything and take this milk out of my boobs. My career is on stake. How much money you want ? I will give." She bought my shit that I understood.
I laughed like anything on this. To cover up my cleverness ,  I said "  Now this is your problem. you guys want to buy everything with money. Believe me , you need things lot more than money to get rid of this milk.  Otherwise to will create a serious problem for you. You know what I mean." My sudden seriousness made the situation more pathetic for her. She made a distance from me. To avoid the tensed atmosphere, Adriana left the sofa.
" Ok , so looks like situation is getting really personal . I think I should leave." I protested , " No, your friend will need your serious help in this."   I was confident that I could get these two wonderful pussies in one bed. God has sent them to me. I am just following his path.
" No , why don't want to involve in this shitty deal. By the way, she is my competitor, not friend at all."  I was not prepared for this answer. It looked like I was in the middle of a cat fight."

Adriana, I did not do this to hurt.  I did not even know that you were into him. He was the only non Gay man in our team. I needed a fucking kid. That’s all!!!" Both of them started crying very badly. Miranda hugged her. Eyes were flooded with tears. Miranda was wearing a blue silky dress and Adriana was showing her cleavage with a purple nighty. Frankly ,  even in movies I have seen such beauties are hugging each other. They were shivering slightly. I continued  my acting.
" That's like a  good girl." I touched Adriana's head with my palm. They left each other from their hands and started kissing. I was planning to take a snap to upload it in my facebook but my dick threatened me. This time I could not avoid his siren, After all it is Riyadh and I have not fucked for ages. But that day I understood one thing.
" Two hot girls can’t be friends of each other."


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