Thursday, October 1, 2009

RAKHI SAWANT : Show some self respect

Indian TV channels : Best place for frustrated Males

These days Indian TV has become a battle ground of reality shows. After 9 pm. please switch on the TV set and educate yourself about "how Indian girls abuse each other", "how they take bath"," what are their expectations from marriage" etc. I am not at all gender biased. Guys are also getting chances to scatter their self respect on the celluloid but the focus is on the female “parts”. Media should be the mirror of your society. Anybody, trying to create a key hole in the society, should be very much visible in that media-mirror. But Indian media has changed. Now it has become that “key hole” creating guy. I can still remember my childhood days when my parents used to say “Hindi cinema has become so vulgar, it is impossible to watch the recent Bollywood movies with kids”. Now it is difficult to watch TV channels even with your friends, provided you are not a gay.

Your evening will get the first time bomb when a creature called Rakhi sawant will come on your TV screen to find her husband. The drama is called Sayambar .This is not a “new” thing in Indian history. 500-600 years ago it used to be a custom in India. Old India was not as orthodox & hypocrite as the present. We used to believe in freedom irrespective of the gender. The King used to invite all his neighbor princes to his palace and the princess used to get the privilege to choose the one she liked most. (Over the time the custom remained same but the procedure changed. Now the guys go to the “brides'” house but it is in their hands if they want to take it forward. That’s something called arranged marriage).Please note one point, whole thing will be called by the King not by his daughter.Rakhi Swant (female) thought to start a new tradition for some cheap publicity & fame. It is not new for her. People have seen so many item dancers in their life but such a shameless slut may be first time.

12000 self respect less guys sent their CV to the Channel and from those 13 got selected to be harassed in front of the camera. Now they have to prove themselves through so many eliminating rounds. Sometimes they dance and touch Rakhi, Rakhi tries to feel that whose touch she is liking most, Sometimes they crack jokes and do cheap oiling on Rakhi , Rakhi checks who’s massage is working etc etc. I liked one guy in that list. He is handsome and smart. He just waits for the chance and kisses Rakhi. He does it in such a moment that no one can stop him. Its like, you are getting nature call when your hands are tide with ropes and only one human is around who is a rapist. After that he becomes a mamma’s boy and ask for sorry from everyone. Other people start shouting on him like anything. But he will remain cool, just like an obedient husband’s cry “it was purely impulse driven baby (angry wife), I will never buy a whisky of 1000 $ in my whole life”.

Rakhi liked it all the times in both ways .All the guys were shouting for her when she was getting kissed by that handsome guy. But I agree with you Rakhi . In a country like India where everyday girls are getting raped , killed , slaughtered like anything , there a cheap girl like you are getting a Handsome kiss and people are protesting against it , is really a dream come true .I know few of my seniors , they last kissed their wives when they got their second child who is grade 5 now. Leave that shit.

The show became really hot when Rakhi went to native places of the top 5 selected guys. I got really surprised when I saw one of the guy’s sister was asking for Rakhi’s tips to become like her. Oh My God. Does she know the level of videos Rakhi Sawant has done in her struggling days??? Even in this male dominated India, it is very difficult to become as famous as Rakhi Sawant with that ugly face. Now you can understand what she has done to take down the focus from Face to B****. Rakhi worth spending. I am feeling pity for those female artists who invested in share market before Sep’08.

In the middle of the show few advertisements will come. No doubt all frustrated men now in front of the TV, so condom is the best thing to offer. My 4 years of analytical mind can understand that without “pulling” any data. Few other things will also come .Be cautious. One girl starts shouting on another girl in a language which may be the cheapest to express your emotions in English or Hindi. I don’t feel bad for those girls but I feel sympathy for those guys who will get married with these Surpanakhas (One old lady demon in Hindu mythology). Suddenly on girl will start taking bath in a jungle . Its like my soul has got the eyes and has entered in the girls’ bathroom. My “Bihari” roomy always watches that show and waits for the “shower moment “.One day he asked me “the anchor looks really good , will she also take bath in the show.” I waved,” depends on the producer’s mood. If his wife has satisfied him last night then “No” or today you will be double lucky. “ . That show is called “Is jungle se Mujhey Bacho” (Rescue me from this jungle).

Advertisement is over; we are again in Rakhi’s show. Now the climax, 3 grooms are waiting, Rakhi has got her big garment and thinking whom to choose. A great tension. I am also waiting anxiously, like they will make the next show on “Rakhi ka Suhag Raat “(first night of Rakhi) and the hero is getting selected now. Again dollar wins over rupee. Rakhi has chosen the Canadian guy (of course migrant).But the twist was, “we want to know each other more. I can marry him now only but we want to wait. Please give us your blessing”.

Well done Rakhi , You f***** so many hours of whole India and still they don’t ban you.

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