Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Lucky Umbrella

God can you hear me, here I am changing its life

It’s monsoon in Chennai, south India. After a long waiting, I think God has got time to look at India. Thanks God. Today when I came to office in the morning, it was raining cats and dog. I closed my wet umbrella and put it in my plastic bag. I know most of will not suggest that. Actually I am bit jealous with my umbrella. Basically, all of my Male colleagues come by their cars and so they don’t carry any umbrella. Picture is different for females. They come by busses and they have lovely, colourful umbrellas. This week two days I have seen my umbrella covered by 4-5 beautiful lady umbrellas drying their Water on the floor. In India always poets have their nasty thoughts about wet female figure. Frankly speaking, I am not a poet but yes I also have same thoughts. But the fact is, I can only see them in dreams. I don’t even have a girl friend, actually I never had.So, people like me has spent money to buy an umbrella and that bloody umbrella (whose life is actually in my hand) will get such a beautiful ,wet female company ???? It is not going to happen. God can you hear me, here I am changing its life. You can’t stop me.

May be the ladies umbrellas are in wet bikini, may be they are having nasty talks. who knows !!! Shit Man. If the owner is not getting such a wonderful life , umbrella will also not . And I have done it.

God: What the f*** are you talking about???, Me: You heard me.

These days I don’t dry my umbrella on the floor , even I think drying umbrella is not a good idea at all. Ladies have a tendency to put their umbrellas where they see another umbrella. So I put mine in a plastic bag which has cost me as much as the umbrella.I am ok. I know it is killing umbrella’s life but I don’t care. I have enough money. I am ready to buy another umbrella even in this season.

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