Sunday, January 3, 2010

Ask Questions to the HR team

TCS offered fifteen jobs in IIT Kgp Campus. Here are the questions candidates asked The HR team .

Bengali: Cigarette is allowed in the campus?

North east ka kancha : Is there any restaurant near by to your office where I will get dog meat ?

Bihari : Will you check original mark sheets ?

UP ka bhaiya : How many MOTI BHABIS you have in the office ?

MP ka bhaiya: Will you do police verification also ?

Chattisgar ka bhaiya : Your company is not sponsoring the NAKSALS , correct ?? (Angry)

Rajasthani: How many hours I will get drinking water in the office ?

Kashmiri : Do you have enough security for terrorist attacks ?

Sardar : How far is the local "Daru ka adda" from your office ?

Baniya : Can I access Indian stock market websites from your office ?

Marathi : Is it possible to get an one and half BHK flat with 20% of my HRA in less than 1 Km distance from the office.Slam is also okay for me. If not , will I have to travel in local train ?? Will you give the first class ticket allowance ??

Oriya: On Friday can I ware dhoti??

Telegu : how many Telengana people are there in the office ??

Bangaluru ka macha : How many pubs are there in that city ??

Tamil : Will I get Sambar & idly in the office canteen ?? I hope it does not cost more than 6 rupees.

Mallu ( kerala) :
I heard most of the people are communists in the office . Do they have union?? How many strikes they do every week??

HR team fainted.

It is done by me. Please feel free to copy paste.

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