Sunday, March 21, 2010

Benchmark for one night stand

It is a Sunday noon. I am in the office. Just had my lunch. It is the starting of deadly summer in Chennai. We don’t switch on AC on weekend. I have opened the windows slightly and an old gentle hot breeze is coming on my face inconsistently. I opened my laptop and started writing.

Benchmark for one night stand : Cleopatra = $$ 10000

Don’t take me wrongly. I am not a perverted; I just love lovely girls and their photos. I am doing blogging for last 3 years. Shared lots of good things, travel experiences.. even spirituality & Buddhism . But people are assholes.They don’t come for good means. They don’t like to spend time on good stuffs , so this weekend I changed my self. You want something bad. Ok no problem. I will give you enough impeccable catchy stuff to fantasize anything. Lots of meat will be in there my kitty as the lubricant for your masturbating mind.

It was confusing. What should I write?? . One point was clear. It has to relate to “SEX” but if I start writing porn, I will become one of them. Also I am not sure I will be a good competitor for them or not. Let’s try something different. Something intellectual, something analytical. I know your mind is giving a wry smile but trust me. I column will touch any type of curve or arc you want to touch.

My mind was pondering about one thing. This fucking internet has anything about hot beauties but do they have their pricing model? Let me put it simply. If “I want to spend one night with Jessica Alba”, how much should I pay. Now don’t behave like an Indian, take it as a healthy exercise. Jessica I don’t have any bad feeling or don’t have any intention to make you cheap. That is quite mammoth task for me to do. I believe it’s a very common thing that one matured guy will love a girl like you to have sex. You want to make it nasty and poisonous, go ahead but for me it is just like “today I am feeling to have Thai food. So let’s go to a Thai restaurant.” May God bless your little kid. I don’t have any wrong or nasty things to say here. I love roses.

But it will just give food to make our thoughts tumultuous, if we don’t follow a benchmark. That’s the place where we need ANALYTICS. It is difficult to find someone who is not cheap and people will love to make sex with her. I took help of history. I am sure my readers know about her. Cleopatra was regarded as a great beauty, even in the ancient world. Cleopatra originally ruled jointly with her father Ptolemy XII Auletes and later with her brothers, Ptolemy XIII and Ptolemy XIV, whom she also married, but eventually she became sole ruler. Now hope it is clear. She was intelligent and so beautiful that her brothers lost themselves in her. History says she got married at least 4 times but not a single one was successful. All of them just after marrying her. She was not only an angle faced woman but also dominatingly witty .

"For her beauty, as we are told, was in itself not altogether incomparable, nor such as to strike those who saw her; but converse with her had an irresistible charm, and her presence, combined with the persuasiveness of her discourse and the character which was somehow diffused about her behaviour towards others, had something stimulating about it. There was sweetness also in the tones of her voice; and her tongue, like an instrument of many strings, she could readily turn to whatever language she pleased..."
Plutarch, Life of Antony (XXVII)

She is our bench mark. If you want to sleep with her for one night , want to enjoy her milk bathed soft gray skin , want to enjoy the snow cold heat for her globes , you have to pay 10000 USD.Just assume man. You can take any inflation number, hardly matters to me. These are all mundane things in front of her indelible beauty. Now lets compare with respect to her “whom you want to pay and how much for one night ? ” . Our first night will be with Anna Kournikova, former tennis star and current sex please wait and give me the opportunity to find out the unknown secrets of
well known beauty.
Anna Kournikova.

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