Sunday, May 30, 2010

A Boring Married life ,A Great writer & Few emotional expectations

A Boring Married life , A Great writer & Few emotional expectations

I have changed my mind for a while; I want to wait for Gemma Atkinson’s milky boobs. In the mean time I have started a Bengali novel. Yesterday. Planning to write 3 stories. Bought a new copy book and a pen. After so many years. It took only 70 rupees to buy these two horrible weapons. I went to a nearby bar and started writing with a Kingfisher beer. Tried my best but could not put down a single mind bubble . Could not even satisfy my mind with the thoughts I have there. It is so difficult to put something in papers and people are writing books of 1000 pages!!!! In my life I had a regret for not being a singer. I think I should add writer also in that list.
In the weekend I watched a new movie “brothers”, I love Natali Portman. Such a brilliant and matured acting. I also liked the screen play. I can't even scratch a few stories to explain my most memorable tourist spots and this guy has explained a wife’s treachery so explicitly. No, I should not say like that. It was not a betrayal story . Her husband died. She was gorgeous and lonely. In that situation, it is obvious to kiss a good guy . But the question is how you will explain this in a white paper to your actors and ultimately to the audience.
It is difficult to convince someone with a cheating story. These days cheating should be considered as the least effective mistake of your life. It is okay to fuck a good and handsome guy when you are at 10 years’ of your matured and boring married life. So many girls are getting raped every day.
Don’t their husbands feel bad for that??? Off course yes!!! But so what??? Life is not coming to the ending "full stop" just because of this incident. It is just a kiss or just a fuck, how does it to the 10 years' old relationship ?? God is really a great mathematical fucker. Even the emotions also has created in a pure mathematical and logical way. See --- with 10 years of love and married relationship, he has bundled anther mysterious feeling called “possessiveness“. “Expectations” are there everywhere. Even in that boring married life when the cheated husband enjoys a balmy summer midnight with his cheater wife and sweeps her towards him in that madly romantic milieu, I am sure he expects something new. I am also sure God has “written” another critically true frustrating emotion with that feeling . Who can read it???? <|:P .