Saturday, May 15, 2010

One night stand with Anna Kournikova

One night stand with Anna Kournikova

No not anymore .With too much pressure with related experience, I have already flooded my web page. The small beautiful homepage has become bored. I decided to put the big full stop here. Last one week I am in my native. Siliguri, a small and wonderful hill station. Life is really lazy here. People don’t have hell lot of money because they don’t work too much. Though my born and brought up has happened here but I was never like that. That’s probably the reason why I am bloody dam rich. But they got a very good thing which I hardly get in my life. That point brings me to the same topic which I started 2 months back. How much you will pay for Anna Kournikova!!! for one night. Let’s focus on Anna now.
Anna got everything. Great ass, great boobs. Everything is great. But she did a mistake in here life. She should have joined Playboy or swimsuit directly. She took a wrong road. She started playing tennis. Very soon her beauty became hot news in sports media. People used to wait for her leaning position during the opponent’s service to get a second view of her virgin globs. She is a nice lady; I have not heard a single fan who believes that she is not impeccable when it comes to sharing her assets. But she is really having something non stoppable which makes her appealing even after 12 years.
Anna fumbles her dressing style very frequently and that makes her different from the skinny, thin, pale models. In her first season she used tide her heir in a stylish fashion but very soon her hot open legs thaw the audience. Maxim, Playboy & swimsuit are the clear evidence.

Presently, the Spanish singer beau Enrique Iglesias is enjoying her milk in the nights. Girls like her are having high propensity to be highly sexed. I am sure she squeaks a lot at the point of her optimal of satisfaction. It is always suggested that before you go to bed with someone whom you feel highly sexed, have a little sensual chat. Draw an outline of the poses you want to perform. It gives a feeling that how matured you are. With Anna, I am sure Enrique behaves like a real Spanish hunk. No chance of kiddy love making with lots of romantic cuddle, it is all about dominating sex with a free bonanza of orgasm.
Anna’s recent days modeling is really worth of spending time. Though I know it is having Photoshop touch but who cares. For audience like you and me, he has set chuckling perfect shaped boobs, wide open cleavage, deep smooth golf course back & belly and a touched beautiful virgin smelling ass. Just like “wailing babies in a crowed train”. It is totally uncanny for me that why Enrique is not fucking her ass regularly!!! May be she is demanding or professional but that’s the point where you have to play the game. The night you will have be a man but take the lead, be gentle but give her a feel that you know the radius of nipple, start the orgasm but let her cry for your cock, nudge her like a plump dog but play a feigned horror game of rape, hold her neck strongly but give a bunch of lovely, long lasting kiss when she will start choking. In the morning pay her $ 3000 and say “Thanks for the wonderful night.”

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