Thursday, August 5, 2010

STRESS TEST In Professional market

STRESS TEST In Professional market

Stress test for your friends. Here is a very easy way to check how stressed your friends are. I have done this test on chatting messenger and I have selected my candidates are across the ages and different counties of ASIA. You can also replicate on your gang.

Me: Are you free for 2 mins ?

Friend: Yes, tell me.
Me: Nothing to do with work.

Friend: yes no prob. For you I have 1000 minutes
Me: Are you stressed?

Friend: too stressed / nop/not that much…..
Me: what is the difference between us and prostitutes ?? Now here are the answers and the Stress meter result

Case 1 Candidate: prostitutes can get weekend off, they get paid instantly and also get tips and they only take 1 lund at a time.
ME: you r stressed and meter shows 76%

Candidate: hahahahahaha

Me : you should sleep minimum 6 hrs

Case2 Candidate: they enjoy their work?
Me : you are not stressed , only 9%

case3 Candidate: Hmm, i can’t see any difference, seriously
ME: you are 96% stressed .Action need to be taken immediately

Candidate: hahahaha

Me: just take a serious strong and deep SEX immediately
Candidate: with whom?

Candidate: haan bhai ( yes bro) What happened suddenly? I hardly see any difference by the way
ME: You are deeply stressed. 87%, solution: go for a holiday forest with family Candidate: i guess pros can get f@#$d by one single person at once...... whereas many people can F#$% us at once

Candidate: only the medium - we sell our minds, they modies bodies and coz humans are unfair we have respect they don’t ME: shit you r deeply stressed ... 98%. Just go for a holiday with your family.... In a beach resort preferred

Candidate: they get paid daily and at different prices. . we get paid monthly and a fixed salary.
ME:You are only 11% stressed Having a really nice and good life
Candidate: ha ha ha......

ME: best time to get married if age > 29
Candidate: what a way to measure it Yes I am I got a new girl. Thinking to propose
her .then my parents will talk to her parents. I will Goa for honeymoon.

And likely to finalize by the end of this month
he he he......

Candidate: well... we don't have to take off our clothes...
ME: You are not stressed at all ... only 9% …
Having a decent life ... enjoy
Candidate: haha... Where did that come from?

Candidate: easy …
When we fuck, we don't get any money
ME: You are not stressed at all Only 7%
Candidate: what?
having a decent life .. enjoy !!!!
Candidate : hahahahaa

Candidate :they fuck for money.. we get fucked for free..
they know the objective we dont
ME: you are highly stressed ....88%
Take daily beers and massage
Candidate: I drink beer everyday boss

Candidate: prostitutes get stressed physically first, while we mentally
Me: you are in a normal stress 27%
nothing to worry about ... enjoy
Candidate: HA HA HA WAS IT AN QUIZ ?

Candidate : they are paid?

me: you are in a normal stress 37% nothing to worry bt about
Candidate: hmmm

Candidate: ahh ahhh ahhh
? What happen to u ?
ME: what is the difference between us and prostitutes?
Candidate: i think u r stressed?

ME: what is the difference between us and prostitutes?

Candidate: Prostitutes will always offer themselves to others to enjoy

ME you not stressed at all 0%
best time to get married enjoy

Candidate : they work only in the night and we anytime
ME: but u r stressed.... and your stress is increasing ... but presently 29% ... just plan for a 2 days holiday.... beach preferred