Wednesday, August 11, 2010

What you want to do in next 5 years

What do you want to do in next 5 years

I was watching that famous series that day. How I met your mother. Finished the whole 5th season in one night. One word brilliant. Laughed like anything. One theory I really liked there. If I ask you to write the top 10 things, you want to do in the next 5 years.

1> I want to have a group of people whom I will call my friends and will want to grow old with them.

2> One loving girl of my life but of course not my wife.

3> A good job ( outside of India) where I will get self depression.

4> A healthy body, no major disease.

5> A good house, old fashion and lots of wooden furniture, A good music system with lots of jazz CDs (All albums of Katey Melua) , a small library of books, a big Screen and a wonderful projector.

6> Minimum 10 Documentaries and 3 Bengali books.

7> One Published paper on Analytics (work related).

8> Travel experience covering at least 40% of US ( or any continent except Asia).

9> 2 cars for my parents and 4 houses in Siliguri.

10> An enthusiastic mind to live more. Eager to read and fuck more.

What are the things you have in your plate? Plan it. Believe me it will be helpful.