Friday, October 15, 2010

Katrina kaif got fucked by me .. and it was awesome

Katrina Kaif for Rs 7000 ( when Cliopetra for Rs 10000) Wholesale fuck..

I am really looking for my Bali trip. The old place where I have already been five times, is calling me again. No this time I am not planning to go for the same old places – Danu Beratan temple , Uluwatu Temple , Ubudh Village or Tanah Toth temple. Among the common places, I will only go to Kintamani Volcano and will have lunch that restaurant. The cold mountain wind will blow my face and I will have my darling beer Bintang.
I thought to change my blog story again. Too much porn is really creating a problem, I guess. I can’t even show it my friend’s girlfriend who believes that I am a sort of intellectual person. So I thought to change and again go back to the same theme. Travel. But Batam betrayed me badly. So again I have to use my sexual jargons again to flourish my blog. The point I am trying to convey is BATAM is a horrible place and should not be going there in your holidays. At all .It is only forty minute’s journey from Singapore harbor front. Take MRT from anywhere in Singapore and drop at Ouatram Park. You have to change the line to go Harbor front. Take the gate B which will guide you to the ferry terminal. 3rd floor of the terminal is for ticketing, you can try Penguin. It is good.
Basically Batam suits to Singaporean frustrated males. I don’t want to sound like snooty but its fact. Batam is cheap and easy to Indonesian girls for dick massage. You can fuck them in cheaper cost. What else Singaporean males want??!!!! . I love this thing but not in a tourist place like Batam. May be I will love to do that Phuket or Bali. But not in Batam. So it is now down to the same point – pinky pussy of Katrina kaif. I have more than 2000 photos of her in my hard disc. Sharing only few attractive ones here. I love here and I am sure you will also. She is no doubt one of most versatile vaginas Bollywood has ever got. Getting her in bed can give you the night for your life but don’t forget to use the precautions. No I am not talking about condom; it’s all about my advices which will make you night wonderfully fucked up.

Katrina is a polite beauty but she does not know what she wants. And that’s making her more beautiful. You can try any crazy style, just don’t hurt her. You have to keep eye contract, so that you can assure her that you are enjoying exploring her. She has wonderful boobs.They are sensual and milky. Touch it and give a small bite. It will kill her internally. Her vagina will become wet. She needs more but the beauty is she does not know what she wants and she knows what she does not want. That’s makes her a wonderful pussy to fuck. Paralyze her by pressing her boobs continuously. Kiss her on the forehead. It means, baby be prepared to get fucked by all holes. Suddenly turn her roughly and tortured her middle spinal bullets with your right thumb. It will work as a shock and don’t give her the luxury of time to think what way you want to fuck her. It’s a bloody surprise and should end of milky, silky lotion.

I have been to Bali 6 times. I love this place. Every time just before leaving I felt bad. I don’t know why?? But I felt. The old temples of Bali touch the bottom of my heart. One place where I always try to go is Tanah lot. It’s a temple but that’s not the thing I want to tell you. In front of the temple you will see a wonderful hill top cafĂ©. That is place to rape girls through your yes. I enjoyed that rape sex this time enormously. Fucked 4 American girls, one newlywed Indian polish black beauty, two French virgins. It was really awesome. Now let me tell you what you have to do to enjoy this beautiful pinky vaginas.Its pretty simple. Just sit there at the front row and wait for your food. Take a beer bintang bottle and relax.

When sun will close his show, you will be able to see only yellowish sea waves and a thousand year old temple in front of you. These are more than enough to give you the kick for eye rape. This is a hot tourist place and especially for romantic girls. So, just wait for few minutes. Few American white asses are coming for you. You will see few American girls on the front row , lost and politely devoted on the beauty of nature. That is the time take out your soul from your body. Nobody can see your soul, so don’t feel scared and barge in to their table. That her polluted body from the chair, sit and then put her on your lap. Make sure your little rouse penis touches her end part of the pussy. Believe me that is more than enough to temp her .now play with her nipples. I replaced one of the European beauties with Katrina. Placed my warm hand on her wealthy breasts. Concurred my entire finger set near to her grey nipples. Squeezed those little bit and then relaxed. I felt the slowly wet vagina with top of my penis. It was becoming hot. Sun was setting down and atmosphere was really calm, cool and kamasutra driven.
I felt this is the time famous actress Katrina kaif should feel the eagerness of my soul of body. I put my long and extended penis into her ass slowly. She grabbed the table first, then my waist tightly. I pressed her deep navel upward to create a pressure toward her penis. She cried but did not get any single drop of mercy. Because when it comes to manliness, baby , you should expect only licked and humid vagina. She gathered all her black and beautiful hairs on my face. It was a tragic spark for me. But at least she proved, “she is still an Indian.”

I paid Rs 7000 and gave a LOVE bite on her left butt. Katrina , you are made to get fucked by ass and from all the angles.

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