Friday, November 12, 2010

Life CCQA with a hot , sexy Engle

Life CCQA with a hot , sexy Engle
Part 1

I mind crashed ultimately. I will not say like the other Bengali people. Yes I felt that and that’s why said “yes” to my mother. She became happy like anything. This magic happened when I started counting the quails of my present horrible life through CCQA. Let me explain it .CCQA stands for C= Context, C=Concern, Q = Questions and A = Answer. A common consultancy practice which enables the professionals to understand the business problems. Just shit.

We also act like a conjurer of all questions. That day after getting drunk badly, I opened my door and it was totally black out. I just don’t know what happened to me after that. When I got my senses I was in a different place. I don’t know what should I call that place but off course it was not earth. I was naked and everything was white. You can call it white blindness. It was cold but the coolness of the weather was giving a pleasant feel in few parts of my ugly body. Suddenly a lady appeared, covered in black dress. Just like a Lebanese chick.

• “You are dead Chiru “
• “What the fuck??”
• “Yes, that’s the point. Life was a really fuck to you. We gave you a life and you screwed it up. So we have taken our offering back.”
That was first time I heard that my life is actually not my life. I could not continue the negotiation as somewhere I felt, she was correct. I toned my voice down.

• “But who are you? How come you ….” I lost my words. She was cool, calm and cold.
• “I am life Ghost. I decide who should die and when. ” I lost my words and was looking at her anxiously. She continued
• “So many chances I have given to you, you could not do anything. You know much resource problem you have created for me. You are just like a polite terrorist.”
I have created resource problem!!!! Can’t believe. I hardly had any friend; I never cheated anyone badly and except my mother never shout on anyone seriously. I shouted helplessly.
• “I am sure your machine has done some mistake. I am a very good guy, I never did anything wrong. Majorly.” I was moving towards here.

“Asshole, don’t cheat with me. I know your history and I can read your conscious mind. So , stop thinking about my nipple color .”
It was one of the bluntest slaps I had ever seen thought or heard.
• “Its brownie pink” She finished and started squinting on me. No doubt she was beautiful. It is rare to find such a cruel beauty in this bloody earth. I did not know how to react but focused on polite request.
• “No it can’t be . I never hurt anybody.”
• “No, you have not hurt but every night the horrible psycho sex that you dreamed with Katrina kaif, melt me.”
• “So, because I have dreamed to have sex with Katrina , you are giving me death”. I became desperate.

• “No asshole , I gave you a chance. I put you in Singapore red-light area with a frustrating project. Also I supplied so many girls when you went to those bars but all the time you put a god boy mask on your face and spoiled my all calculation.”
• “Fuck, so all those were pre-planed??”
• “Or what?? What do you think?? Girls are not that crazy that they will proactively offer blow job to “YOU”. You have screwed up everything. I don’t want to waste any more time on you. Lots of good looking virgins are there in Europe and I will focus on them.” She was about to go, my eyes blasted. I started crying loudly.

“Please don’t be so implacable. I did not understand “not fucking” those girls will cause my death. Please give me another chance I will plow them like a corn field.” I pressed her feet gently. She stopped and looked at my eyes.
• “What color of your eyes?”
• “They are blue”
• “You know Chiru when I picked you from a horny rapist country like India; I found your asses are very sensual, full.” My ears were habituated hear these type of words. Actually till now nobody has appreciated a single part of my body and suddenly one lady whom my subconscious mind was planning to fuck, is sounding loud about my sexual parts. I am sure my neurons must have felt confused that time.

“I can give you another one chance.”
• “Believe me, this time I will make them cry.”
• “Shut up. You will get them anymore”
I was scared. Is she planning make me a dog this time.
• “If you go there, I am sure you will repeat the same mistakes again. This time you have to make a presentation for me. ”
• “Fuck even for life and death I have to make a presentation???”
• “Yes , it will be a perfect CCQA. HOW CAN YOU CHANGE YOUR FUCKING LIFE?? Or I will chop your balls will serve to those prostitutes with extra chilly souse.“